Renaissance conducts investigations for a wide variety of premier clients. We recognize the increasingly difficult issues facing our clients in such areas as corporate fraud, disputes, criminal matters, and civil litigation. Our approach combines investigators, forensic accountants and digital forensic professionals into a comprehensive platform capable of confronting any challenge.


Successful investigations require meticulous planning, execution and perseverance by skilled and experienced investigators. Corporate investigations, preparation for regulatory or government inquires, dispute resolution and litigation support are highly complex and go well beyond routine fact finding and evidence gathering. Renaissance Associates offers its clients unparalleled investigative leadership to achieve success and add value in even the most complex matters.

Criminal, Civil & Corporate Investigations


Financial Transaction Reconstruction

Damage Analysis Quantification

Cash Flow Tracing & Analysis

Contractual Compliance

Forensic Accounting

Renaissance’s forensic accountants and financial analysts have years of project delivery experience, honed at the largest international accounting firms. We bring this experience to bear for the benefit of our clients in a personalized and cost efficient manner.

Our specialized expertise includes working on matters involving the investigation of financial misconduct; reconstruction of financial transactions; verification of compliance with contractual requirements; quantification of damage amounts and financial analysis. Our team is accustomed to organizing, reviewing, and interpreting large amounts of disparate financial and related information into actionable intelligence.

We leverage our professionals’ multidisciplinary and complementary backgrounds in accounting, finance, and law, and take pride in our surgical approach to solving problems and bringing order to chaotic situations. We remain focused on the performance of timely, well-conceived and executed analyses, and appreciate the importance of clearly communicating our findings, related observations, and potential implications of such analyses.

Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery

Renaissance’s digital forensics examiners have years of experience conducting forensic examinations both as law enforcement agents and in private practice. Our forensic examiners are highly trained and possess industry-standard certifications. We offer a full range of forensic services and guide our clients through every phase of an investigation, from the identification of assets that may contain relevant data to providing expert testimony, if required.

Forensic Analysis

Data Preservation

Portable Devices

Electronic Discovery

Blockchain Forensics

Litigation Support Involving Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Investigations & Blockchain Forensics

Leveraging decades of experience in forensic accounting and investigations, Renaissance provides a full suite of cryptocurrency investigative and blockchain forensics services. Renaissance utilizes best-in-class blockchain investigation software, and training and certification for its personnel, all of whom have experience at the highest levels of federal law enforcement and/or professional services.
Our involvement in cryptocurrency investigations primarily involves blockchain forensics procedures, to connect cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, including illicit services such as darknet markets, scams, hacks, and ransomware. This enables Renaissance to identify historical counterparties and risk exposure, and then monitor future transactions for all related wallet addresses. Renaissance also has digital forensics capabilities to collect and examine data from devices such as computers, mobile devices or other hardware.

Background Investigations & Corporate Due Diligence

Investigative research has grown in complexity and scope, given the shift toward a highly mobile society and the advent of a vast universe of Internet references and social media sites. Applying investigative proficiency and a highly targeted, systematic review of digital media, Internet data, social media, and public records, Renaissance Associates conducts far-reaching background examinations in support of litigations and corporate investigations. Renaissance Associates’ highly specialized analysts use Internet search techniques and comprehensive third-party database queries of unparalleled scope and detail for each subject. This methodology is applied in background examinations of individuals, corporate due diligence, asset location and verification and pre-employment background screenings.

More than just a basic background check, Renaissance Associates’ background investigation and corporate due diligence products are designed to provide decision makers with a holistic understanding of a subject’s patterns of behavior, reliability, and relationships of interest. Developed through combined decades spent in support of government and commercial requirements, Renaissance Associates’ methodology is specifically designed to identify information of significance across the spectrum of source materials and are used to create reporting that serves as a perfect complement to Renaissance Associates’ broader range of services while also serving as an industry-leading standalone product.

Litigation Support

Corporate Due Diligence

Identification and Location Services

Asset Investigations

Pre-Production Diligence

Pre-Production Research

Pre-Production Diligence & Risk Management

In a world of ever-evolving social norms, it has never been more important to properly and thoroughly vet production participants and crew to mitigate all potential reputational risk. Since 2013, Renaissance Associates has provided personalized and unparalleled Pre-Production Diligence & Risk Management services domestically and internationally to networks, streaming services, multimedia companies, production companies, film studios, and other entities developing, producing, and airing both scripted and unscripted content.