Vincent Minecci


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Vincent Minecci is a Senior Investigator with Renaissance Associates Investigations team. His many successes in investigations of money laundering, sanctions violations, identity theft, credit card fraud, check fraud, counterfeiting, advance fee schemes, corporate misconduct and theft, Ponzi schemes, and other financial crimes, make him uniquely qualified to assist clients in a broad range of matters.

Vincent has more than 23 years of federal law enforcement experience as an investigator and supervisor with the US Postal Inspection Service. He led the NY Division’s Eastern District Mail Fraud Team regarding a myriad of cases including bank and wire frauds, check fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, elder frauds; and Ponzi scheme among others. Vincent led the NY Brooklyn Mail Theft Team regarding mail theft, identity theft, robberies, burglaries, assaults, and counterfeit financial instruments.

Prior to Vincent’s supervisory experience, he served on the New York Major Crimes Team, Brooklyn Mail Theft Team, Eastern District Mail Fraud Team and was a full-time member of the US Secret Service’s multi-agency New York Financial Fraud Task Force for over 5 years. The task force investigated financial frauds perpetrated by organized crime groups including regarding credit card and identity theft, advance fee schemes, mail and wire frauds, counterfeit financial instruments, money laundering, and black money schemes.

Vincent’s notable investigations include the arrest, conviction, and deportation of a Nigerian National who stole the identity of a former New York State Attorney General (EDNY) and the Razor FX Ponzi Scheme investigation which resulted in two arrests and convictions in EDNY and the forfeiture of cash, high end automobiles, art, and real estate totaling more than $28 million. Vincent was appointed as trustee/special master and assisted in the return of forfeited funds to the victims. Vincent was also a member of the FBI’s Long Island Mortgage Fraud working group from 2008 – 2010, where he investigated numerous mortgage fraud cases.

As a member of the New York Division Major Crimes Team, Vincent led the investigation of the James E. Davis Post Office robbery in Brooklyn NY, which was perpetrated by three masked gunmen who tied up six employees at gunpoint, forced the manager to open the safe and stole over $66,000 in cash. A Postal Supervisor was violently assaulted during the robbery. The subsequent investigation led to the arrest and conviction of five perpetrators, one of whom was convicted at trial and sentenced to 25 years in federal custody.

Vincent has testified numerous times as a witness in federal and state courts concerning both civil and criminal matters, and he has testified as a Subject Matter Expert regarding counterfeit postal money orders.

During his federal law enforcement career, Vincent was honored with a myriad of awards including the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation’s Federal Investigator of the Year Award (2007), Citibank’s Investigator of the Year award (2002), US Secret Service’s Outstanding Investigator Award (2000), and received commendations from the US Attorney’s Office’s in EDNY and the District of CT.

Before joining Renaissance Associates, Vincent was a Senior Investigator at Stroz Friedberg, an Aon Company. Prior to joining Stroz Friedberg, he was an Anti-Money Laundering analyst at Citibank. Vincent is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE).