Rich Cinnamo


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Rich Cinnamo leads Renaissance’s New York office Investigations practice. He is responsible for conducting a wide array of investigations, including those centered around accounting fraud, corporate fraud, financial fraud, mail fraud, investment schemes and allegations of sexual assault/misconduct.

Mr. Cinnamo served over 20 years with the Unites States Postal Inspection Service. During his career as a Postal Inspector, Mr. Cinnamo was the lead agent on dozens of complex criminal investigations including one of the largest Ponzi schemes ever prosecuted in the Eastern District of New York (U.S. v. Nicholas Cosmo, et al). He also successfully investigated numerous cases involving corporate embezzlement, stock fraud, accounting fraud, international investment schemes, and insurance fraud. He has planned and implemented countless operational efforts on both the federal and New York State level, and has successfully overseen multiple large-scale investigations in both federal and state courts.

Mr. Cinnamo has conducted thousands of interviews of suspects, witnesses, and victims and is considered an expert in Interview and Interrogation. He has also participated in countless undercover operations and conducted electronic surveillance (telephone, oral, and Title III). He seamlessly worked cases with various partners including the FBI, SEC, and the District Attorney’s Offices of Queens County, Nassau County and Suffolk County, and has testified at numerous criminal trials in the Southern and Eastern Districts of NY, as well as before dozens of Grand Juries in both federal and state court.

Prior to his employment with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Mr. Cinnamo was an accountant in the public and private sector, earning his license as a Certified Public Accountant. He was also an educator. Mr. Cinnamo earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Education.