Bryan Gorczyk


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Bryan Gorczyk manages the Digital Forensics, Network Security, Electronic Discovery and Incident Response practices.

Mr. Gorczyk is an expert in the field of computer forensic examinations and a certified Forensic Examiner of Computer Evidence. Prior to his work in this field in the private sector, he was a Supervisory Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who retired after a 20-­year career in the FBI and a 30-­year career in law enforcement. In the FBI, Mr. Gorczyk was trained and certified by the FBI Laboratory as a Forensic Examiner of Computer Evidence and was one of the first eighteen Special Agent Examiners to receive that certification. He was also a member or the FBI’s Special Operations Division. Prior to retiring from the FBI, he supervised the FBI’s New York Office Computer Forensic Program, the Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) and a staff of Special Agent and Professional Support Computer Forensic Examiners.

Mr. Gorczyk has personally conducted computer forensic examinations on thousands of pieces of computer evidence. During his career in the FBI, he conducted and supervised forensic examinations of computer evidence in high profile investigations including the first and second World Trade Center attacks, the African Embassy bombings, investigations relating to Al Qaeda, and U.S. v. Richard Reid, the ‘Shoe Bomber’. He has lectured at the FBI Academy, George Washington University, and the National College of District Attorneys (NCDA). In addition, he has been a featured speaker at seminars hosted by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), InfraGard, and other such notable organizations. He also participates in an educational program at a local high school that provides career information to graduating students.

Mr. Gorczyk has been certified and has testified as an expert witness in computer forensics. His experience as an expert witness includes both civil and criminal matters. Included in his expert witness testimony experience is testimony for the Government in matters being prosecuted by the Office of the United States Attorney.

Mr. Gorczyk holds numerous certifications in his discipline. He has received a Certified Master Instructor certification from a leading computer forensics software vendor. In this regard, Mr. Gorczyk regularly teaches courses to forensic examiners. Most frequently, Mr. Gorczyk provides both basic and advanced computer forensics training to FBI and other law enforcement forensic examiners.

Mr. Gorczyk’s educational experience includes obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from John Carroll University, a Master of Public Administration degree from Jacksonville State University and a Master’s Certificate in Computer Security and Forensic Administration from Fairleigh Dickenson University.